Wednesday March 18, 2020

Welcome to our virtual Wednesday Lenten Worship.  We continue our theme of Jesus’ Seven Last Words from the cross.  Tonight, Jesus says, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”  Matthew 27:46

Song: Love

Love, love, love, love.

Christians this is our call.

Love your neighbor as yourself,

for God loved us all.

Gathering Litany

The Word & Reflection

What are some songs or scriptures you know by heart like Jesus and his community knew the Psalms?

Can you share a story of a time you’ve felt God to be far away?

Do you ever struggle with the distance between what you know is true from your faith and what feels true in your circumstances?

How do you manage that difference?

Song: What Wondrous Love Is This?


Lord’s Prayer & Benediction

Song: Shalom

Shalom my friends, shalom my friends,

Shalom!  Shalom!

God’s peace go with you,

God’s peace go with you.

Shalom!  Shalom!